The Benefits of Tongkat Ali Supplements for Both Men and Women

Eurycoma longifolia supplements can be purchased in several different versions, but the most effective product is a Tongkat Ali extract standardized for a certain percentage of the active component. That component is known as eurycomanone, and it’s most prevalent in the roots of this plant that is native to Asia. It still grows wild in Indonesia and is also cultivated in Malaysia.

Standardized Supplements

Eating plants may be a more natural way of obtaining active ingredients that have health benefits, but standardized supplements provide a more concentrated amount. A person would have to eat a very large number of plants to consume the same amount of eurycomanone, so supplements offer a more efficient strategy. Consumers should check the label to make sure the product contains a standardized extract listing a specific percentage.

Boosting Male Hormone Levels

A primary benefit of this supplement is to increase testosterone levels in both men and women. Although it may seem odd to think that this would be a benefit for women, the boost in this male hormone can have positive effects for them as well. This kind of product mainly helps the body make better use of the testosterone already present; all women have a certain level of the male hormone. Many people don’t realize that ovaries produce testosterone as well as estrogen.

Enhanced Libido

Men and women both may experience an enhanced sex drive. For both genders, this tends to be helpful for those who have reached middle age or their senior years and have found their libido to be significantly less pronounced than before. People who have decreased interest in sex because of a stressful or overly busy lifestyle can benefit from this supplement too, as its effects have been found to reduce stress hormone levels in the body.

Considerations During Usage

Tongkat Ali is not associated with unwanted side effects unless people exceed the recommended dosage. However, because it has stimulant effects, it may disrupt sleep unless the person takes it early in the day. That’s especially important for people already dealing with insomnia. Consumers of the extract also may want to watch their caffeine intake.