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Dust Storm Driving Tips

Dust storms are also referred to as sand storms or haboobs and they usually appear without warnings. Normally, dust storms are characterized by dust and debris approaching which can be up to a thousand feet high and be miles long. It is quite dangerous to drive through dust storms because the dust makes visibility very hard. A lot of casualties have been reported from accidents that occur during dust storms. It is important to take the initiative to know what to do when driving in a sand storm so as to keep safe. This article seeks to educate the reader on what he or she should do in the event of a dust storm when driving.

The first thing you should do when you are caught in a dust storm is remain calm. If you panic, chances of you driving dangerously and making wrong decisions are high and you may end up causing accidents. If you panic, chances are high that other drivers are also panicking and if you all drive erratically, there is bound to be a very high number of casualties.

The next step to take in the event of a dust storm is to safely pull over to the side of the road. It is important to ensure that you check your mirrors before pulling over because at times, there may be cars that are approaching you and pulling over before knowing if it is safe could lead to accidents occurring. At times, a dust storm may catch you on the highway and when this happens, you should try to drive to the nearest exit so you can have a safe cover.

If you are in a busy street, try to find yourself a public car garage to park in until the storm passes. Because you cannot predict how other drivers will react in a dust storm, you should ensure that you are off the road at all times. It is important to start moving before the dust storm affects your visibility.

It is important to ensure that you turn off your car lights after you park. When there is low visibility, a lot of drivers depend on the lights of cars before them to guide them. The reason why you should turn off these lights is because other divers may end up hitting you from the rear when you are still parked because they think you are moving. It is important to ensure that when you get caught in a dust storm, you keep all your lights off, your seatbelts fastened and your doors locked at all times. Ensure that you are completely sure the dust storm has passed before getting back on the road.

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