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Essential Things to Think About Before You Start Conservation Travel

If you care about the environment, then you should do everything possible to protect it. As an individual, you also have a part to play, and you must not stand and watch. It is not all about traveling to various destinations to appreciate the beauty of the wildlife, but it involves active participation in conservation activities. Perhaps you could be wondering what you can do during your conservation travel to ensure that you do not endanger the wildlife and this article provides a brief explanation.

Always ensure that your boots and shoes are clean. As you travel to different places, seeds of plants and insect eggs might stick on the shoes, and you will transfer them to new locations. You might not have an ulterior motive for doing this, but it can end up being disastrous in the place where the eggs and seeds are transferred. Try to keep your clothes and footwear as clean as possible to minimize transfer of seeds and eggs.

Minimize the use of plastic materials. There is a tendency of carrying plastic water bottles and fizzy drinks as people travel through various wildlife conservancies and when they have finished taking the drinks, they dispose of the bottles anywhere. However, if you are on conservation travel, you should shun carrying plastic bottles as they damage the environment. It is recommendable to have a bottle that you will not dispose and you will refill your drinks whenever you want.

Discourage the habit of taming wild animals for pests. Some individuals in the local communities see a business opportunity in keeping wild animals and asking for payment when a tourist takes a picture with the animal. If you like taking pictures with wild animals that locals keep as pets, then you are encouraging them to hunt the endangered wildlife species to keep as pets. Do not dish out any monies to people who domesticate wild animals as that would be an incentive to continuing with the practice.

Choose to travel with an aircraft that has low fuel consumption. When aircraft fuel burns, it emit carbon into the atmosphere, and that pollutes the environment. Using low fuel consuming air crafts is commendable as that results in little carbon emission. Such aircraft have low fuel consumption, and that leads to minimal carbon emission into the air.

Recognize the wildlife in your environment. Many people think that they have to travel long distances to appreciate nature but that is misleading and only leads to more carbon emission. There is much beauty in your environment, and it is prudent to appreciate it before you go to other places. There is so much unrealized beauty in wildlife around and traveling to see the exotic ones will only contribute to carbon emission.

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